Thankful Thursday – Week 4

Happy Thanksgiving!

We spent the first part of this week at the beach, and this morning we loaded up and drove home so we could get back for my family’s Thanksgiving dinner. Jack was a trooper during the long drive, and thankfully he slept most of the way. We had a few hiccups today, like getting lost on the way to my cousin’s house and not being able to find an open grocery store this afternoon, which meant that I showed up to the family meal empty handed (not that we had any shortage of food, but still…).

Now we’re home, about to be tucked into our own bed (have you ever noticed how great your bed feels the first night you’re home from a trip?). We’re stuffed with turkey, dressing, broccoli casserole, and all kinds of other yummy foods. Jack’s first Thanksgiving has been a good one.

This is week four of my gratitude challenge, and the prompt for this week is “a family member.” It’s really hard to pick out just one family member to talk about because I am thankful for all of my family and even when they drive me crazy, I love them all. I could (and probably should) write a separate post for each one of them, but this post is dedicated to my mama.

I was always a daddy’s girl when I was growing up, but for the first 11 years of my life I was an only child and was thoroughly spoiled and doted on by both of my parents (having a little brother didn’t really change that much – I’m still pretty spoiled). While I loved hanging out with Daddy, I also spent a ton of time with Mama. We cooked together almost every night, watched Lifetime movies and silly TV shows that Daddy didn’t like together, and were always up for any kind of art and craft project.

When I first moved into my own place, I called Mama countless times with cooking questions or questions about my house or laundry and anything else that I thought I knew, but realized I didn’t. Mama always knows how to fix everything.

When Jack was first born, Jeff and I were both clueless and terrified about keeping him at home boy ourselves the first time. Mama stayed with us for a week and helped us figure out what to do with a baby (we seriously had no clue at all). Now that I’m a mother, my texts and calls are about parenting. “Is this normal? Do you think this is okay? How do I…?” She answers every question.

She’s also keeping Jack two days a week, which means that she gets up before daylight to drive an hour to my house to be here before I have to leave for school in the morning. I love that Jack is getting to stay with her some days instead of being in daycare all the time, and while she’s keeping him she also cleans my house and does the laundry (didn’t I tell you that I’m spoiled?). I honestly don’t know what we’d do without her.

Today and every day, I’m thankful do my Mama.

One Reply to “Thankful Thursday – Week 4”

  1. Great choice! Your mom loves you, Jeff, and Jack. Also, you have a wonderful extended family. This was my Thanksgiving #2 with them. Wow, what cooks! And they are truly nice people.

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