Thankfulness Challenge – Week 5

I missed posting last Thursday because it was a crazy day at work and I just crashed when I got home. I also needed some extra time to think about what to write about for this week’s challenge. While I attempt to keep our house free of clutter, I’m also a sentimental hoarder. I keep cards and letters and movie tickets and sports programs and newspaper clippings. I also have tons of little knick-knacks around the house that used to belong to this aunt or that grandmother or that cousin who passed them along to me. All of these little things have memories attached to them, which makes them really special to me, which makes it so hard to choose a favorite thing that someone has given me.

After much deliberation, I decided that this Bible, which my parents gave to me when I was nine, is my favorite.

Not only did they give me the Bible, which at one time had a beautiful burgundy leather cover, but they also taught me about what the Bible said and how to read it and spend time digging into it and how to apply what it says to my life. There are sermon notes scribbled all over its pages, starting with my big loopy nine-year-old handwriting and ending with my current chicken-scratch. I have names of pastors who have passed away scribbled next to the passages that I heard them preach about (because my mother and grandmother always wrote down the date and pastor’s name and underlined the Scripture that he preached on, so I did, too.)

It’s highlighted, dog eared, and some pages are smeared from when I got caught in the rain with my Bible in my backpack during my freshman year of college. The cover is completely worn off on the binding and is torn and barely holding the book together anymore. I can flip through it’s familiar pages and remember what I was going through at different times of my life and how God has blessed me through each and every season on life. This Bible has become a sort of scrapbook of my spiritual life over the last 22 years.

While I have recently started using a new Bible (because the pages in this one were starting to get loose and I am afraid that it’s going to just completely fall apart one day), this one will always be super special to me. I used this for almost daily for at least 20 years, so there are lots of special memories scribbled into the margins.

What gift that someone gave you are you thankful for? Let me know in the comments!

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    Nice post


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